St Kevin’s is a Gifted Education Lead School (GEL). Our Gifted Education Mentor (GEM) is Mrs Kim Hogan who works across all year levels. Mrs Hogan supports teachers and students to ensure the curriculum is differentiated for student interests and their needs.

Teachers at St Kevin’s have a whole school approach to gifted education. Teacher’s meet weekly to discuss planning, implementation and evaluation of student education programs.

Students at St Kevin’s have access to a variety of pathways that meet the needs of gifted learners. Creative timetabling and acceleration are just two of many strategies we use.

Importantly, students at St Kevin’s have opportunities to connect with like-minded peers. Identified students participate in state-wide and national opportunities.

Amongst the programs we offer is the ‘Virtual Academy’. This is an online program for highly gifted students and provides innovative and advanced curricula within local, national and global perspectives. Learning for these students moves beyond the regular classroom and allows gifted students to learn with autonomy and to engage with intellectual peers.